July 18, 2014
good evening, all superfluous

we sit and we think to ourselves,
why can’t there be peace?
why can’t there be love when there’s is already so much of it?

why can’t we as citizens not of this country
but as citizens of the world come together and love?

hell, why can’t we stay apart if we don’t?
i mean, we do it all the time anyway.
we burn bridges.
we say goodbyes.
we erase old friends from our lives.
it is but part of life; of growing.
as we grow, we sometimes grow apart.
but in growing apart,
why can we not remain in love?

why does true love not conquer all, as we’ve been taught?

why must we drop bombs?
why must we carry guns?
why must we depict ourselves as wholly apart
when really we have just said a goodbye;
just grown.

what is the point of warring in our personal lives?

what is the point of war at all?

i mean, people die anyway, don’t they.

what is the point of all of this.

how can one not be antiwar?
for to be pro-war is to be anti-love.

what a strange, inhuman thing, this fighting; this killing.

live in cliches.
love to be loving.
stop this madness.

July 17, 2014
good evening, all imaginative

it was a pleasure just to see you smile
written songs of country miles
no one knows what troubles swoon
to be a wonder, to be true

exceptions make for bitter ends
when make believe is just pretend
told you once, i’ll tell you again
my lights are burning out

held you close among the streets
arm in arm like gutters’ streams
wade into the ocean while i struggle with the tides
i run away and hide
it was a pleasure just to watch you cry

help me, darling, i can’t speak
i can’t hear and i can’t see
evil lurks like a beckoned song
speeding in, i trudge along

trying times are knuckles cracked
my lungs can’t breathe, my heart attacks
seemingly my thoughts are strewn
along the side of nighttime’s noon

so some may say my words are kept
to close to my own pattern, swept
underneath a passing town
no wonder i don’t wear no frown

so hold me close upon the land
arm in arm and hand in hand
and take me to the river while i struggle toward the side
and in i dive
it was a pleasure just to see you smile

July 16, 2014
good morning, all solitude

meet me in the morning’s dew
and raft upon the waters, new
be cordial but be wanting truth
and stop upon the waves

deny no distance, cornered pleas
and reap no former landing
be caustic or be pleasuring
be caught on words and planning

trudge begotten winter’s wind
oh summer, leave me blinded
with sun or moon and stars begin
to guide your corners kind and trim

so with a love so rare and true
be grateful for the warmth
and live like laughter’s all you need
and dance like someone’s watching
dance like you’re alone

July 8, 2014
good evening, all simplified

it’s just a little something that makes you angry
it’s a story told with no ending
it’s a passion you wield
it’s a diary entry
it’s all for something if not for nothing at all
it’s a hangnail
it’s a toothache
it’s a hangover
it’s the rails
it’s the train rides
it’s the flying
it’s the holding
it’s the dear
it’s a makeout
it’s the morning after
it’s breakfast
it’s coffee
it’s a world without stars
it’s a sky packed with clouds
it’s a summertime rain
it’s the fog at dawn
it’s water down the drain
it’s a bold accusation
it’s a cigarette, smoked
it’s the cold
it’s a blanket
it’s the heat
it’s the air conditioning
it’s a love that’s barely visible
it’s the glasses which help you to see
it’s laying in the grass
it’s floating
floating away
out to sea

July 1, 2014
Big Star - #1 Record (Full Album)

June 28, 2014
good evening, all fallen

you who dance amidst the diamonds
you who trudge beneath the underbrush
you who dedicate your stories
you who write with nothing to say
you’re all a failing, fallen star
and yet you’re just like me

i who lay among the poppies
i who jump off the bridge
to swim
to swim

so join me in the water
the temperature is right
so beg me to deliver
a letter i didn’t write
a mixtape deleted
a cannon fired
and get rejected

you who dive into the fog
you who dine
on another’s dime
you who shiver
and mistake
the end for the beginning
it’s over
before it starts

so join me in the river
and glide on with the current
or sink
or swim

June 27, 2014
A Pair Of Honest Men

June 27, 2014
good afternoon, all too much writing

sit by yourself and wait for the bookshelf to come falling; watch as the stories flow toward the floor and read. there is no passion worth your teeth. there is no point to catching things which are thrown; are thrown at you and me. and walk next to me. there is no conversation. there is only the silence between us. there are only the lakes and the ponds. there are only the stones tossed into the water. there are only the ripples which move from that point and the waves crashing on the shore. and so we stroll and so we don’t forget those nights spent strolling or trolling from bar to bar, from sea to sea, from branch to branch, from tree to tree. and if you’re alone, call. and if you don’t it’s over. but only if you think again of someone, somewhere, off and bent like fathers teaching languages, dead, or preachers preaching just to make rent or writers writing about love and trends like it’s only a mirror reflecting. it’s more than you or i, you see. it’s more like dancing in the streets. it’s more like washing clothes or feet; linens. sleep.

June 27, 2014
good afternoon, all insipid

go outside and look toward the sky and see how the clouds roll by.
sit underneath a tree and watch as the leaves blow;
the branches sway;
the trunks stay put and all.
and wonder around the city thinking of a girl
or a boy

wait for the night to fall and go out walking,
your eyes gazing toward the stars
trying to trace their shapes

wade into the river
and swim

June 27, 2014
good afternoon, all troubled

there is something about the feeling of the summer
that shakes you from the hallway
as you reach for doorknobs
turning and entering your room
you collapse on your bed
and sleep

June 25, 2014
good evening, all spontaneous

it’s like the season of the witch
closing in on summer
you’ve been feeling alright
and still can’t catch up to the world, spinning
so you dive into the fog
and swim through the night
as you collapse into tears
without knowing why
without wondering how it came about
and you shudder
you shake
and somehow, someway
you find today is ending
the moon

June 23, 2014
good evening, all tyrannical

stand beneath the rain
and feel it running down your cheeks
you never feel the same
after a summer storm
so dance amidst the fog
and go running past the drains collecting water
and be just another passerby
to the wind and stars and sky
the moon hides
as the sun goes down

June 22, 2014
good evening, all legendary

singing songs of rivers flowing down a mountainside
and watching while you calm yourself with cigarettes
and walking along the riverbed
and falling
until you reach the bottom
cut and bruised with landing

June 18, 2014
good evening, all frightened of the storm

the thunder claps and for some reason it holds true
that there’s something if not nothing on the dark side of the moon
the clouds cover the stars
yeah, they’re falling like rain
drenching the coast to coast
living and breathing
and feeling the most

and there is something about the darkness of the nighttime
that makes me drift into the dawn like birds just soaring on
and the china breaks like the glass it is and helps me
to wake up from counting sheep and tripping, holy
forget about the times you held like water, lord
and be a wild and distant soul
on the corner of the street where you’d been sleeping
I am only what you heard

and like the only thing that matters is
what person makes you
a little closer to the fallen leaves

May 29, 2014
good evening, all ecstatic

trudge through the underbrush and set up no lines to by brought forth from an actor who wishes and whines like a child who didn’t get candy at the store. don’t you know to be building? don’t you know to be cautious. don’t you know you are delving down deep into packages claimed at the station; the train was pulled in and and the engineer was racing to the edge of the crowd, there was a doctor who proudly took on the bold mission to cure some schmuck in the dining car who choked on his steak because his bites were too big and who, lately, wasn’t even eating meat.
dig through the garbage and find what you lost or be creeping down boulevards looking for a park to fall asleep in, by the pond, on the banks of a river, so bright and wide.
be ecstatic about something.
let your passion run wild.

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